Bespoke Software Development

Our solutions are programmed to work across all operating systems and platforms

Tailored to your exact need

We provide businesses with bespoke software solutions that are designed and developed according to the specification and the exact needs of the client

Well Presented

We will make sure that your software package looks slick and beautiful

Fully Functional

We will be sure to include every feature and function that you need... and then some

Well Coded

Our team will only rest after producing a strong, tidy, well coded application


We will ensure that the software package is secure and that your information and data is safe

Highly Available

Your software package will be developed to be highly available, which means little to no downtime

Case Study 1

  • Category : Software Development
  • Client : ADFP - Association of Dance Freestyle Professionals

The Project:

The ADFP are a dance association that governs over 600 dance schools across the UK, Ireland, and Scandinavia. Sapphire Arts was approached by the ADFP to fix several issues with the software that they had in place at the time. The out-dated software that they were using was causing daily issues and the information for their dancers was frequently erroneous - of course leading to major headache for all stakeholders. So Sapphire Arts initially built patches and quick fixes to help strengthen the software and alivate some of the issues.

The following year, the ADFP asked us to go one step further and build a completely new system from scratch. We took on the challenge with pleasure and today the ADFP operate error free thanks to our software, and remain an existing long-term client of ours.

Case Study 2

  • Category : Software Development
  • Client : Elegant Designs

The Project:

Elegant Designs is an established and experienced UK garment supplier, designing and manufacturing quality ladieswear for premium high street brands. The company had a process in place to help them manage their fabric orders - however this process was completely manual and therefore time consuming and prone to user-error. Sapphire Arts was contracted to develop a bespoke solution that allowed them to perform this process at the simple click of a button; where everything was calculated and processed automatically.

Ever since the release of the new system, Elegant Designs have been able to operate in a much more efficient and less error-prone manner regarding their fabric orders. And Sapphire Arts even provided training to one of the tech members of staff at Elegant Designs so that they could understand and monitor the system internally.

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