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Offering your company a slick, stunning, & modern website or web app that you can be proud of...

Beautiful websites and nothing less

We understand that, today, a company's website is crucial. No business wants a below standard website because of just how detrimental it could be to sales, branding, and credibility. So at Sapphire Arts, we offer companies websites and web apps that will capture the attention and imagination of every viewer.

Our websites are designed to be fully optimised for popular browsers and mobile devices - with a keen attention to slick, modern presentation.

Here's what we can do for you

Our web development service comprises of several different aspects...

Web Design

Most people leave a website within the first 3 seconds! Therefore, it's imperative that your website is able to capture users because of its design.

We offer our clients clean and modern web designs that fit perfectly with their branding.

Web App Development

We are able to build you a fully comprehensive web based application - in other words, a website with dynamic capabilities and extensive functionality.

Types of application can indlude: Shopping sites, Blogs, Social applications, Membership sites, and even business applications like project tracking systems, etc.


We offer companies the option to have their website hosted by us so that you don't have to fiddle with all that boring stuff if you have no expierence doing so!


We can provide email services for a company upon their discretion.

SEO & Mobile Optimisation

All our website and web apps are fully optimised upon creation, and are continually optimised should the client want us to maintain their site.

Maintenaince & Updates

This service is available to every client who would like us to continually manage their website or web app, and do not simply want a one time service.

We endevour to look after all our clients by continually looking for ways to bring improvments.

Example 1

  • Category : Web Development
  • Client : Mortgage Miles

Example 2

  • Category : Web Development
  • Client : Clarity Magazine

Example 3

  • Category : Web Development
  • Client : ADFP

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