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We provide our clients with the highest standard of marketing services including...

Business Growth Consultation

Gain high value insight and knowledge into how best your company can growth, and work with our consultant to achieve it

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Search Engine Marketing

Increase your enquiries or leads using effective search engine marketing strategies.

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Social Media Marketing

Drive traffic to your website using social media marketing to generate interest in new enquiries.

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Growing your business in a sustainable and yet profitable mannor is perhaps one of the major and most common challenges for any business owner. At Sapphire Arts we provide your company access to one of our expert business consultants who will be assigned to specifiy help you hit your targets as well as giving you a full and transparent beakdown of what it is exactly that you need to do in order to achieve that desired growth

Our consultant will be on hand to deliver frequent one-to-one consultancy sessions with a senior member of the company to ensure that progress is continued.

Do you have products or services that people aren’t actively searching for? Or perhaps do you have a disruptive product like the iPod that people don’t know they need until they see its benefits? At Sapphire Arts, we offer lead generation services using Social Media Marketing (Think Facebook Ads). We understand the challenges businesses like yours face in generating quality leads so we aim to implement a number of email marketing (or chatbot) tactics to help qualify your leads.

It’s important to target the right audience in order to generate quality leads. We aim to provide you a detailed analysis of your target audience.
Understanding the difference between a good copy and a bad copy is the key to increasing one’s conversion rate. We work with professional copywriters to improve the quality of your email copy etc.
We implement effective tracking systems to understand your conversion rates and figure out the best ways to improve them.
It’s given that people won’t do what you want them to do in the first instance, so we implement email marketing campaigns to convert your prospects to genuine leads.
Growth lies in your marketing list. We’ll help you build an ‘interested’ list of prospects that love what you do and looking to buy from you.

At Sapphire Arts, not only can we provide marketing services, but we can also equip you as a company to manage and navigate a success marketing department and/or marketing campaigns internally. Our marketing specialist will travel to your location and conduct as many training sessions as you feel is necessary, ensuring that you are ready to take on any marketing challenge that comes your way

Our marketing specialist will be on hand to deliver frequent one-to-one training sessions with a senior member of the company if desired.
Our marketing specialist will conduct training session presentations upon your request, so that your team can gain a greater understanding on all things marketing in relation to your business.

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