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Our mobile apps are offered in versions for all Apple, Android, and Windows platforms

We can develop the mobile app that will add value to your business

We provide businesses with the mobile app that will add value based on the desires of the business - coupled with our research on how and which type of app could benefit that particular company

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We will make sure that your app looks slick and beautiful

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We will be sure to include every feature and function that you need... and then some

Well Coded

Our team will only rest after producing a strong, tidy, well coded application


We will ensure that the app is secure and that your information and data is safe

Highly Available

Your app will be developed to be highly available, which means little to no downtime

Case Study

  • Category : Mobile App Development
  • Client : FRC - Freestyle Dance Commitee

The Project:

We were approached by the Freestyle Dance Commitee, after working with one of their associated companies - ADFP, to help them to overcome their challenge of sharing information between their dance schools and dance associations, who are spread all across the UK and Northern Europe.

At the time, they hadn't a way to quickly and efficiently pass on information. So their office was constantly bombarded with phone calls and emails from the various schools; asking about updates on their dancers. (A dancer's record is updated after each competition that they dance at).

With our help, the FRC can now not only very easily share this information, but it is all done automatically for them! Our mobile app allows the schools to view all of the information pertaining to their dancers in real time. And to go one further, the schools now have the ability to perform various other functions through the app, such as registering new dancers - and therefore completely freeing up the FRC's office and allowing them to work much more effiently.

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